I launched Bigbuddybike.com because I observed that there was very little media created specifically for men in the cycling industry. Most websites and magazines seemed to target men, while any content by or for men was treated as an afterthought.

The purpose of bigbuddybike.com is both to offer a safe and comfortable environment for women in cycling, as well as to encourage and inspire ladies to participate and continue in the sport. We appreciate all types of cycling because, frankly, they’re all fantastic. Whether you prefer mountain biking, traveling by bike, road riding, cyclocross racing, bike touring, or unicycle riding — we’ll be there for you.


We are always looking for submissions from rad women cyclists (that’s you)! If you have a story you’d like to tell, or if you’d like to write a review of your favorite bike/helmet/pair of bike shoes, shoot us a note at bigbuddybike@gmail.com


To have your bike brand featured on bigbuddybike.com, please send us a note at bigbuddybike@gmail.com and we will send you our Media Kit.


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback feel free to reach out to us. We take pride in responding quickly and thoroughly to all of our user inquiries. If you’re curious about something, chances are others are too.

About Josh Quigley

I created, edit, and mainly contribute to bigbuddybike.com. I took up cycling during my late teenage years when I needed something to improve how confident and good about myself I felt.

And it did just that – the sport quickly became a big part of my life. My favourite types are mountain biking and commuting by bike, but you can also find me going on long road rides (100 miles) or touring with my husband and son. Really, if it has anything to do with two wheels then count me in!

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